See Tompkinsville Nov. 2nd in celebration of StFX Extension’s 90th Anniversary

In celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Antigonish Movement and the 90th Anniversary of the StFX Extension Department, we are excited to present a one-night only stage production of Tompkinsville. Created by Lindsay Kyte and coming out of retirement for this special celebration, see the production named in 2016 as one of the best plays in Nova Scotia!

Tompkinsville is based on the real-life story of Father Jimmy Tompkins’ shining the light of education into lives engulfed by socio-economic struggle. He began a library in the vestibule of the rectory, preaching the value of education during Sunday sermons and buttonholing people on the street to borrow his books. Soon all of Reserve Mines was reading. When the mines were operating only two days a week and miners’ wives were skimping to make ends meet, Tompkins ordered a slew of agricultural books for his library.

From the words on the page to hands on the plough, soon seventy-five families had a community garden of ninety acres and a cooperative brooder for chickens. The “University of Reserve Mines” had begun. With money such a concern, Tompkins brought in books about credit unions. Soon Reserve Mines had a flourishing credit union of its own, the first credit union in English Canada.

To learn more about the play, please visit Tompkinsville.

IMPORTANT: Tompkinsville contains some language that is not suitable for younger audiences.

Friday, November 2 | 8pm (Doors open at 7:15pm)
Dennis Hall, Markin Global Complex
Coady International Institute, St. Francis Xavier University

$20 each + HST
See Tickets & Registration for more information.

Are you a community member or organization in need of a sponsored (no-cost)
Tompkinsville ticket
and/or transportation support for the event?
If so, please contact Marie Kopf of the StFX Extension Department: ~OR~ 902-867-2207.