Antigonish Film Festival Sponsored

StFX Extension Department sponsored three films in the 2015 Antigonish Film Festival, October 23-24.

American Revolutionary: The Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs (2013)

Friday, October 23, 1:45 pm Town Library (83 min.)

Director: Grace Lee

Grace Lee Boggs is a 99-year-old Chinese American writer, activist, and philosopher.  Rooted for more than 70 years in the African American movement, she has devoted her life to an evolving revolution that encompasses the contradictions of America’s past and its potentially radical future. Grace’s lifetime of vital thinking and action traverses major U.S. social movements of the last century; from labour to civil rights, to Black Power, feminism, the Asian American and environmental justice movements and beyond. Angela Davis, Bill Moyers, Danny Glover and others help shape this story. “Revolution”, Boggs says, “is about the ability to transform oneself to transform the world”. Best Feature, Toronto Asian Film Festival & Woodstock Festival; Audience Award,Wisconsin Film Festival

Burden of Peace (2015)

Friday, October 23, 3:00 pm @ Cineplex (77 min.)

Directors: Joey Boink and  Sander Wirken

Burden of Peace follows Guatemala’s first female Attorney General Claudia Paz y Paz in her fight against impunity. After taking office Claudia obtains spectacular results and many high level arrests are made. But her determination encounters strong resistance from powerful elites, that have up to then felt above the law. Will Claudia be able to win this battle?

The Malagasy Way (2014)

Friday, October 23, Noon (84 min.), Town Library

Director: Lova Nantenaina

“The Chinese make everything and the Malagasy fix everything.” The people of Madagascar pride themselves on producing things out of nothing; tires transformed into shoes, oil lamps made out of light bulbs, wheelbarrows fashioned from scrap metal. You see ingenuity, not underdevelopment, in their practices. A return to a conservationist lifestyle that encourages recycling, fraternity and self-reliance makes perfect sense. Will the world pay attention? Filmmaker Nantenaina Lova venerates the family business, the clever artisan, the resourceful craftspeople and those who possess the ability to create using everyday objects. The Malagasy Way is a poetic, music-filled and proverb-packed lesson in creativity and resistance.