Innovation & Enterprise Centre

The StFX Extension Innovation and Enterprise Centre believes that rural communities have the assets and strengths to face current economic, environmental, social, and cultural challenges. We also believe that new ideas and innovation are key to utilizing these assets and strengths to improve rural communities.

Programs and services available at the Centre focus on actively tapping into existing assets in order to develop new enterprise opportunities. Current research being conducted at StFX and ideas generated within the community offer many unique opportunities for social innovation, which represent significant potential for socio-economic benefit if effectively transferred from the research environment to the regional market. The StFX Extension Innovation and Enterprise Centre will work to do this by  incorporating best practices in innovation, incubation, and sustainable enterprise creation.

Using this approach, the StFX Extension Innovation and Enterprise Centre will serve as a regional hub in Northeastern Nova Scotia where StFX students, staff, and faculty, the business community, economic development agencies, social entrepreneurs, municipal governments, other post-secondary institutions, and members of our diverse community can come together to discover creative solutions to address local challenges.St FX Innovation and Enterprise Centre