About Extension

StFX Extension has a long and rich history of helping communities recognize their strengths to successfully leverage them for positive change. When the Extension Department was established in 1928, it was dedicated to revitalizing the communities of northeastern Nova Scotia through a people-centered approach to development, which became known as the Antigonish Movement. This Movement has created a vibrant legacy that continues to ignite our passion for the work that we do today, more than 90 years since its beginning.

StFX Extension DepartmentWhile the world has changed considerably since 1928, the goal of creating “a full and abundant life for all” remains at the core of our work. Grounded in both the philosophical vision and practical experience generated by the Antigonish Movement, we are well situated to innovate and meet the needs of today.

We offer capacity building programs for leaders, as well as a range of consulting services in evaluation, facilitation, organizational development, partnership development, research, strategic planning, training, and enterprise development.